My name is Melanie Lynn Berhorst.
I was born and raised in St. Martins, a small town in MO.
As a child I always sang to the radio and added harmonies.
I also would sing and dance to records with two of my sisters,
we would pretend we were singing to an audience.

I wanted to sing back up with my older sister,
who was recording in Nashville
but I was too young at the time.
By the time I was old enough to sing with her,
she passed away from cancer.
I have the music she wrote
and would like to record some of her songs someday.

I have been singing at church for 15 years
and in public at small gatherings for approximately three years.

I grew up on traditional country music
and a life long dream of pursing a career in this industry.

I have teamed with DJ (Don Joy) approximately a year ago
and since that time I have been to Nashville twice.

We are now Don And Mel, the traditional country duo.

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We will have a new CD out shortly.
Don and I have also recorded a tribute album to Wade Jackson,
whom I love dearly.

We have also performed at various venues
and are pursing our dreams with vigor.
Country Music has been my life and I love what I'm doing.
Melanie Lynn Berhorst
Melanie Lynn Berhorst.
Melanie Lynn Berhorst
Don Joy and Melanie now called "Don & Mel"
The new traditional country music duo.
On the left, the Legendary Wade Jackson and on the right smiling large is Melanie Berhorst.